Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copping

Coping is designed for use on garden walls, parapet walls and flat roofs.

Coping is the top covering of a wall that helps in stopping rainfall from penetrating and potentially damaging the structure. By shielding the wall from rain and snow, wall coping helps to safeguard the integrity of the structure over time.

What's the purpose of Copping

Coping is typically angled to allow any moisture to drain off them. This small design feature minimizes water infiltration into the wall, reducing the risk of gradual erosion. By extending the wall’s lifespan, it cuts down on repair costs and time.

Aside from the practical benefits, take a basic wall and make it into a feature, with a choice of materials, profiles, and colors – you can add a distinct charm to your garden or property. Additionally, they give you the option to match or contrast your wall and create a seamless flow between structures. With our high quality stylish Aluminium coping, it wouldn't look out of place anywhere with our range of finishes.

Understanding Coping Vs. Capping

Coping is specifically designed to cap off and protect the wall, with a focus on preventing water ingress along the wall top. They are typically thicker and may come with a drip edge to guide rainfall away from the wall.

Capping is often more decorative and are usually used to cap pillars, piers, or balustrades. They are less about protection and more about providing an aesthetic, crowning touch to the structure. Furthermore, the selection between coping and capping will ultimately depend on the purpose of the wall and the desired final appearance.

Do you have a Fitting Service

We have approved installers in the UK. Please contact us and we can give you details for you to deal with direct. Find out more Here

Do you Provide any Fixings

No, we don't include fixings as the background material varies and we cannot provide cosings that are dependent.

I have other Rainwater requirments do you supply this

Ali-fabs is part of the Guttercrest group where you can find custome aluminium rainwater systems

Will I be contacted before my delivery arrives

Yes our friendly customer service team will be in touch with a delivery date for you.

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